What is PET?


PET, the organization, is a faith-based, volunteer driven, non-profit organization that manufactures and distributes PET the vehicle (Personal Energy Transportation) so that recipients may:“In the name of Jesus Christ, arise and walk.” Acts 3:6

The PET unit is hand-cranked and grants mobility to people who are unable to walk due to various reasons such as disease and war. The PET is more durable and rugged than regular wheelchairs.  They have large wide tires which can grip rough surfaces, making it easier to travel along the dirt paths or rocky terrains commonly found in third world countries. The handles work much like the pedals of a bicycle to provide the power needed for mobility.

The PET is meant to be used as a vehicle for personal  mobility, allowing the person to become more independent. In fact, the back of the cart can carry goods and produce, or even allows a disabled parent to carry their small children as you can see here.

The following short video is an excerpt of a feature length story by Sarah Hill of KOMU of a PET distribution in Denang, Vietnam.